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Michael-230Michael Francis Dwyer (b. 1959) earned a B.A. in English and History from Boston College in 1981, then spent a year in graduate theological studies. He completed an M.A. in English at Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English in 1994. Since 1983, he has been teaching Vermont high school students American Studies, English Literature, Advanced Placement European History, and a variety of Humanities electives. Vermont’s Department of Education named him 2004’s Teacher of the Year.

Childhood experiences with his family in Fall River, Massachusetts, inspired a lifelong love of literature, history, and genealogy. Michael views his research and writing, especially on the topics of Irish and French–Canadian immigration, as a natural outgrowth of his teaching. Often called upon to speak to genealogical and historical societies, Michael served as State Historian of the Vermont Society of Mayflower Descendants from 1986 to 1996. Appointed Editor of Vermont Genealogy in 2016, he is also Assistant Editor of Rhode Island Roots and a Contributing Editor to The Maine Genealogist and The American Genealogist. He welcomes correspondence but does not accept clients.

Selected Articles:

with Susan L. Valley, “Augustin Davignon and André Brault dit Chaillot, Brothers-in-Law of Winooski Falls, Vermont,” New England Historic Genealogical Register 170 (2016), 45–57.

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with Aaron Ginsburg, “A Shtetl Transplanted: The Adelson, Kusinitz, and Ginsburg Families of Dokshitz, Russia and Newport, R.I.,” Rhode Island Roots 41 (2015), 114–137.

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