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Stewart Baldwin (b. 1950), a native of the Denver area, received his B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Colorado in 1972 and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the same place in 1980, and is currently a Professor of Mathematics at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, where he has taught since 1981. His genealogical interests concern two essentially nonoverlapping areas. First, he has avidly traced his own ancestry, which primarily includes many American and English Quaker families, non-Quaker American families from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina and Connecticut, and families from the North Riding of Yorkshire in England and from Germany, as well as other miscellaneous groups. His publications have concentrated on the English ancestry of his Quaker families. In addition, he has been interested in the history and genealogy of royal and noble families since an early age, especially those of early medieval Europe. His most notable contribution in this second area is the Henry Project (available online at http://sbaldw.home.mindspring.com/hproject/henry.htm), the goal of which is to trace the ancestry of king Henry II of England, with good documentation. The URL of his genealogy website is http://sbaldw.home.mindspring.com/, and he can be contacted at sbaldw@mindspring.com, but he does not accept clients.

Principal genealogical publications:

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