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bart-240Bart Saxbe is a family historian. His research interests are (1) nineteenth-century Ohio, and (2) colonial southeastern New England. The latter concentrates on the Bowen family of Rehoboth, Mass.; the Walling family of Providence Co., R.I., and the Innes/Ennis family of Block Island, R.I., and Kingston, N.Y. He is happy to receive correspondence concerning these families, but does not take clients.

Selected publications

Books and monographs

(with Anita Short) Index to Champaign County, Ohio, Wills and Administrations, 1806–1850 (Mechanicsburg, Ohio: the compilers, 1979).

Thomas Saxbe (1810–1860) and His Descendants (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1980).

(with Vera Pether) Saxby Family Records in Buckinghamshire (Oberlin, Ohio: the compilers, 1982).

Johann Genning (1818–1898) and His Descendants: A Toledo Family (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1988).

Richard Bowen (1594?–1675) of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and His Descendants, vol. 1 (Hope, R.I.: Rhode Island Genealogical Society, 2011).

Articles in periodicals

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