Awards > The Donald Lines Jacobus Award

The Donald Lines Jacobus Award, established in 1972 to encourage sound scholarship in genealogical writing, is presented to a model genealogical work published within the previous five years. Nominations for the Jacobus Award are made by Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists who edit journals that run book reviews. Recipients of the Jacobus Award are shown below.


2015 (Double Award)
Donald G. Armstrong, New Jersey Pioneers: Twenty-four Families with New Jersey Immigrants 1676–1705, Their New England Immigrant Ancestors 1630–1662 and Ohio Descendants 1803–1822 (2014)

Joseph R. Klett, Understanding New Jersey’s Geography in the Proprietary Period (special issue of The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, vol. 89, no. 4, December 2014)

Barbara Jean Mathews, CG, Descendants of Governor Thomas Welles of Connecticut, 2d ed., vol. 1 (2013)

Alan Barber, David Kokernot: Rogue Soldier of the Texas Revolution (2012)

Scott C. Steward and Christopher C. Child, The Descendants of Judge John Lowell of Newburyport, Massachusetts (2011)

Willis H. White, CG, The Tillotson Family, Long Island Cordwood, and the Decline of the East Coast Sail (2008)

Eric G. Grundset, Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War, A Guide to Service, Sources and Studies (2008)

Wayne G. Tillinghast, The Tillinghasts in America: The First Four Generations (2006)

Alvy Ray Smith, Elder Bethuel Riggs (1757—1835) of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Family Through Five Generations (2006)

Richard H. Benson, The Read Family of Salem, Massachusetts (2005)

Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes: Première Partie, 1636 à 1714 and [English] Supplement (1999—2000)

Ronald A. Hill, The Tumultuous Achym/Fulford Relationship: With Abstracts of Chancery Court Proceedings (2003)

Abbott Lowell Cummings, Descendants of John Comins (ca. 1668—1751) and His Wife, Mary, of Woburn and Oxford, Massachusetts, and Windham County, Connecticut (2001)

Jane Thompson-Stahr, The Burling Books: Ancestors and Descendants of Edward and Grace Burling, Quakers [1620—2000] (1999)

Peter Haring Judd, The Hatch and Brood of Time: Five Phelps Families in the Atlantic World, 1720—1880 (1999)

David Watson Kruger, Jonathan Watson of Dover, New Hampshire (1998)

Helen S. Ullmann, CG, Descendants of Peter Mills of Windsor, Connecticut, Formerly Named Pieter Wouterse vander Meulen (1998)

Albert J. Robichaux, Jr., German Coast Families: European Origins and Settlement in Colonial Louisiana (1997)

Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, Höffelbauer Genealogy, 1585—1993 (1995)

Paul Heinegg, Free African-Americans of North Carolina and Virginia (1992)

Dean Smith, CG, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell (1993)

Doris F. Poinsett, Valentin Pfost/Post, 1740—1800, of Hardy County, (West) Virginia and Some of His Descendants (1989)

Walter Burges Smith II, CG, The Edward Clark Genealogy: 1676—1988 (1988)

Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern, The Pioneers of Old Monocacy: The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland, 1721—1743 (1987)

Christine Rose, CG, Descendants of Robert Rose of Wethersfield and Branford, Connecticut (1983) and Ancestors and Descendants of the Brothers Rev. Robert Rose and Rev. Charles Rose of Colonial Virginia and Wester Alves Morayshire, Scotland (1985)

Henry Z Jones, Jr., The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, 2 volumes (1985)

Esther Littleford Woodworth-Barnes, Huling Genealogy: Descendants of James and Margaret Huling, of Newport, Rhode Island, and Lewes, Delaware (1984)

H. L. Peter Rounds, CG, The John Round Family of Swansea and Rehoboth, Massachusetts (1983)

Lee W. Vance, Tracing Your Philippine Ancestors (1980)

Rita Hineman Townsend, Hutchins-Hutchens, Descendants of Strangeman Hutchins, Born 1707, of the James River in Virginia and Surry (Yadkin) County, North Carolina (1979)

Dorothy Garr Helmer, Lipscomb, 300 Years in America, 1679—1979 (1979)

Maryly B. Penrose, CG, Baumann/Bowman Family of the Mohawk, Susquehanna and Niagara Rivers (1977)

Enid Eleanor Adams, Ancestors and Descendants of Jeremiah Adams, 1794—1883 (1974)

1974 (Triple Award)
Beth Bland Engel, The Middleton Family (1972)

Daniel Reid Long, Jr., John Lewis, “The Lost Pioneer,” His Ancestors and Descendants 1670—1970 (1970)

Miranda Goodrie Willoughby, A Norwegian Heritage (1970) and The Search for a Family: How a Search Was Conducted for Ancestors in the Early Northwest (1972)