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Click the links below to view sample articles, as published in The Genealogist, in their entirety (pdf):

Eleanor Mayfarth, Clarence Lee, Ann Veazey Davis, and Seth Warner, “The Umstead Descendants of William1 Evans of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania,” The Genealogist 18(2004):131-58.

Leslie Mahler, “Samuel1 Levis, Quaker Immigrant to Pennsylvania: His Descent from Edward III,” The Genealogist 13(1999):30-36.

David L. Greene, “James2 and Hannah (Brewster) (Starr) Morgan of New London and Groton, Connecticut,” The Genealogist 14(2000):118-28.

“Historic Ancestors,” The Genealogist 14(2000):159-63.

Norman W. Ingham, “Benjamin1 Atwell of New London, Connecticut,” The Genealogist 14(2000):131-58;

and correction to the above, in “Additions and Corrections to The Genealogist,” The Genealogist 16(2002):232-33.