Photo Archive: 2013 Meeting

Here are 28 of the Fellows at the ASG annual meeting, held Saturday, 12 October 2013 (at 13:54 MDT) at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City.


Seated: Greene, Hyde, H. Jones, Byrne, Saxbe, Hatcher, Zubrinsky, R. Anderson.
Standing: J. Anderson, Remington, Thompson, Joslyn, Taylor, Sperry, Dearborn, Hill, Hinchliff, Harris, J. Hansen, Baldwin, Bamberg, Reed, T. Jones, Stott, Mahler, Ullmann, C. Hansen, Hart.

Alan Barber wins 2013 Jacobus Award

At its meeting in Salt Lake City on October 12, 2013, the American Society of Genealogists voted to give their annual Donald Lines Jacobus Award to David Kokernot: Rogue Soldier of the Texas Revolution, by Alan Barber.

Published in 2012, this biography and genealogy describes the fascinating life of the author’s ancestor, David Kokernot (1805–1892). Born in Amsterdam to poor Jewish parents, Kokernot moved with his family at age 13 to New Orleans. He eventually made his way to Texas where he became a fervent admirer of Sam Houston and left his mark as a ruthless and controversial pursuer of those who failed to back the cause of Texas independence. The book expertly documents Kokernot’s family, beginning with his great-grandfather in Amsterdam and concluding with his children in America, relying heavily on original records and meticulous documentation.

Photo Archive: 1969 Meeting

A photograph of the Fellows attending the 1969 World Conference on Records in Salt Lake City, August 3-9, 1969.


They are identified as follows:

Standing: Colket; Doane (rear, partly obscured); Rubincam; Zabriskie; Farnham; Dorman (behind Stern); Stern; Sheppard (obscured, also behind Stern); Stryker-Rodda; von Frank; Harriet Stryker-Rodda; Coddington.

Seated: Julia Colket; Virginia Livingston; Mrs. Farnham; Mary Harter; Annie Jester; Hannah Roach.

Photo Archive: 1972 Meeting

Here are the Fellows at the 1972 meeting in Columbia, South Carolina, on the front steps of Lace House:


The Fellows, spouses, and hosts are identified as follows:

Top to Bottom rows, left to right:

Top Row: Winston De Ville; Milton Rubincam; Rev. Dr. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.; John Frederick Dorman; Virginia Pope Livingston; Margaret Dickson Falley.

Middle-Back Row: Kenneth Stryker-Rodda; Dagmar [Mrs. Nils W.] Olsson; Lucy Mary Kellogg; John D. Austin, Jr.

Middle-Middle Row: George McCracken; Frances Prindle; Paul Wesley Prindle; Marcia Austin.

Middle-Front Row: John Insley Coddington; [Mrs. Huxford's granddaughter]; Rachel E. Barclay; Mary E. McCollam Harter; Jean Stephenson.

Front Row: Judge and Mrs. Folks Huxford; [Mrs. Huxford's daughter, Mrs. Clark]; Florence Harlow Barclay; Malcolm Stern.

Fellow Dr. Nils William Olsson took the photograph. Malcolm Stern (lower right), holds his camera at the ready to swap with Dr. Olsson.

In this version (below), taken by Malcolm Stern, Dr. Olsson is now standing at the lower right, holding his (obviously superior) camera.1972_Stern

ASG Scholar Award for 2014: applications now open

Applications are now being accepted for the ASG Scholar Award for 2014. This is an annual grant of $500 awarded for study at one of three major academic genealogical programs in the United States—the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) at Samford University (Birmingham, Ala.), the National Institute on Genealogical Research (NIGR) in Washington, D.C., or the Certificate Program in Genealogical Research at Boston University.

The award is open to all genealogists; application includes a résumé, a sample of work (a genealogy manuscript of 5000 words or less), and a brief statement of intent. Applications close on September 30, 2013, for the grant to be used next year (2014). Read more about the award and how to apply at Awards > ASG Scholar Award.

New ASG website is now live!

Greetings from the American Society of Genealogists, and welcome to our newly-updated website. We hope that it will serve both our own Fellows, and the public, as a point of access, and a reminder of the role of our Society in the genealogical community.

ASG Fellows strive to teach by example. Formats change, source access waxes and wanes, but excellence in genealogical publishing should always have a timeless quality. Our Jacobus Award goes to exceptional published genealogical works. A list of award-winning books appears here. Some of our Fellows have selected bibliographies linked here. Several years of first-rate genealogical articles in The Genealogist are listed here, with a few samples available in full here. In the pages of these works you may find inspiration, techniques, and answers. Sometimes the best path to a solution is knowing whom to ask. Most active Fellows are very willing to field questions in their areas of interest.

— Melinde Lutz Byrne, President

Photo Archive: 1956 Meeting

Here are the Fellows on 2 September 1956, near Portland, Maine:


The fourteen Fellows and two spouses were identified by Fellow Gerald James Parsons as:

Dr. Harold Bowditch; George McKenzie Roberts; Dr. Jean Stephenson; Meredith B. Colket, Jr.; George Andrews Moriarty, Jr.; Florence Harlow Barclay; Mrs. Robert H. Montgomery; Rev. Dr. Arthur Adams; Margaret Dickson Falley; Gerald James Parsons; Mrs. Valeria Wilson Parsons; Rev. Dr. Frederick Lewis Weis; Walter Goodwin Davis; Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr; Gerard Malchelosse; Dr. Robert H. Montgomery.

The photograph was taken by Fellow George H. S. King.

Photo Archive: 1955 Meeting

Here are the Fellows on October 1, 1955 in the Mayor’s Office, City Hall, Montreal, Canada:


The people in this picture have been identified as follows:

Seated, L to R: Harold Minot Pitman; Dr. Jean Stephenson; Margaret Dickson Falley; Rev. Dr. Arthur Adams; Rosalie Fellows Bailey; Walter Goodwin Davis; Winifred Lovering Holman Dodge.
Standing, L to R: unknown; George Harrison Sanford King; Rev. Dr. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.; unknown; Milton Rubincam;unknown; Meredith B. Colket, Jr.; Rev. Dr. Frederick Lewis Weis; John Insley Coddington; Noel C. Stevenson; Gerard Malchelosse.

Mr. Malchelosse was a resident of Quebec and served as host that year.

Notes on this meeting indicate that the Fellows named above were the only Fellows in attendance; the other men standing in the back row are presumed to be officials of the Montreal Archives.